Why Industry-Leading Producers Choose Emisshield

27th February 2024

At Emisshield, the advantage of our High Emissivity Coatings (HECs) is clear through the lens of our recent partnership with CSBP. As a cross-industry producer in support of the agriculture, mining, and chemical industries, CSBP depends on its Primary Ammonia Reformer as an integral part of its production process.

When bridge wall temperatures began exceeding the maximum set point of 800°C, emergency shutdown alarms weren’t the only concern. If the elevated radiant box temperatures damaged their process tubes, high repair costs, and operational downtime would follow suit.

To mitigate emergency shutdowns through more effective temperature management, CSBP turned to our Emisshield HECs. 

Our HECs not only prevented emergency shutdowns by re-radiating heat away from the bridge wall, but also drove 5% higher production while increasing the lifespan of CSBP’s critical components. After just seven months of reduced energy and maintenance costs from our HECs, CSBP achieved full ROI. 

You can read the full case study here.

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