The Unmatched Thermal Stability of Emisshield’s High Emissivity Coatings

15th January 2024

Exposure to overly high temperatures degrades the lifespan of your substrate.  With Emisshield’s High Emissivity Coatings (HECs), the effective temperature of your refractory, metal, or ceramic fiber can be lowered to a range that allows for significant increases in service life.  Emisshield offers HECs with service temperatures ranging from 750C to well over 1500C.

Additionally, we are always working to improve the performance and stability of our products.  One of our most popular coatings – ST-3M – has just completed testing of a new revision that increases its color stability from 750C to 1500C, a twofold increase in operating temperature.

Competing products fail or reduce in performance as temperature increases.  Emisshield HECs not only continue to operate at temperatures exceeding 2000C, they also operate as a proper “gray-body”, ensuring that the performance you will observe is identical whether at 500C or 1500C.

Finally, given our extremely high bonding strength, dust settling from ceilings and radiant walls in tunnel kilns is reduced by a significant margin.  Ignoring the measurable benefits to efficiency and production, this results in a cleaner and higher quality product, whether glass, bread, or brick.


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