Preventing Corrosive Gas Intrusion with Emisshield

23rd January 2024

Corrosive gas intrusion in metal protective coatings and similarly on refractories  is a major consideration. Pinhole-sized gaps in coating systems can lead to corrosion failures and compromised material integrity.

That’s why our Emisshield team develops market leading sintered coatings, including our M-1, M-6, ST-5.1 and ST-25 coatings. Through a phase change of the nanoparticles in the coating system, a final product can be realized that offers superior strength and greater thermal efficiency along with a pin-hole free structure. In the case of refractory the porosity can be reduced. Sintered coating systems are some of our best products we know how to make.

The sintered metal coatings cover the entirety of the material to ensure zero pinholes or gas leaks. As a result, we drive elevated corrosion resistance, durability, and emissivity.

These advantages are just a few of the factors keeping Emisshield on the cutting edge of space exploration, supporting top aerospace companies responsible for resupply missions to ISS, advanced space launches, and satellite control. Every step of the way, we are driven to cultivate a brighter future for humanity.


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