Since Emisshield licensed the technology from NASA in 2001, our materials have been enhanced, tested and proven to work around the world in many different intense atmospheres including but not limited to the Textile Industry.

The revolutionary fabric, Trizar®, is a product developed by Emisshield. Trizar is the first textile (FABRIC) to use emissivity to both re-radiate heat away at the speed of light and wick away from the skin any absorbed energy to the outside environment. The fabrics work with your body and the environment to manage the energy or heat you produce to stay comfortable while maximizing your performance and conserving strength.

The fabrics are measured using UPF and Solar Absorptivity to show both their ability to manage Solar rays and Infra-Red heat emitted from the body. Trizar® fibers have the technology permanently embedded in the fabric.

Please visit Trizar® for more information on the warming and cooling effects of  fabric technology!

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