Power Generation

Power Generation

Biomass boilers, waste incinerators, natural gas boilers, heat recovery steam generators and burners in the Power Generation Industry benefit in many ways from the application of Emisshield. The extremely high energy consumption coupled with the low fuel conversion efficiency provides significant opportunities for improved plant efficiency by utilizing Emisshield.

Past applications have been extremely successful for this industry. Emisshield’s emissive characteristics generate a number of benefits including fuel reduction, production increases and downtime reductions.

Power Generation Case Studies +

Emisshield Coated Apache Nitrogen Gas Boiler

Power Generation Application Information: After proper surface preparation of the refractory and carbon steel, Emisshield® was applied to help increase the performance of the water wall boiler. Emisshield® Benefits: Ability to lower excess air to boiler Lower boiler shell temperature...

Emisshield Coated Burner Tips

Power Generation Application Information: The stainless steel burner tips were grit blasted then sprayed with an Emisshield® Product designed to sinter; providing the technology the burner needs to withstand such high temperatures. Emisshield® Benefits: Using optical pyrometers, employees discovered the...

Emisshield Coated Biomass Boiler

Power Generation Application Information: After the surface of the castable refractory and metal process tubes inside the biomass boiler were prepared, a thin layer of Emisshield was applied. Emisshield® Benefits: More than 10% increase in output (Steam) Fuel change to...


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