Providing the highest quality technology to our customers is what we strive for; as we introduced high emissivity materials into our industries, we have developed partnerships with manufactures and producers who strive for that same quality. These partnerships provide customers with the opportunity to work with their suppliers and have certain parts of their process pre-coated in the factory. Producers such as Melter and Duraloy Technologies know what technologies like Emisshield can bring to their industries and are working on implementing this technology into their daily operations. From pre-coated EAF roofs in the Iron & Steel industry to Process Coils in the Petrochemical industry, Emisshield is working with these producers to design, develop and produce innovative products that have never been used before. With the long-standing history of these Producers, we are able to combine their already existing quality products with the Emisshield Technology to produce solution based products.

Parts/OEMs Case Studies +

AMF Carbon Steel Panels

Application Information  Fuel Type: Natural Gas  Location: Texas  Date: March 2010  Customer: AMF Automation  Application: Commercial Baking Oven  Substrate: Carbon Steel Panels  Background Information: The carbon steel panels were grit blasted and heat treated to ~ 540°C to pre-treat the carbon steel. Emisshield was applied and...

Emisshield Coated Plate Heat Treating Rolls

Iron & Steel Application Information High temperature furnace rolls manufactured by Duraloy Technologies were coated with Emisshield and installed in an Austenitizing Steel Plate Furnace to eliminate scale pick-up on the rollers at the exit end of the furnace. Emisshield®...

Emisshield Coated Flare Tips

Hydrocarbon & Chemical Application Information After proper surface preparation, Emisshield is applied to the flare tips before they are installed onto the flare and put in service. Emisshield can be used to retrofit existing or coat new flares by simple...


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