Emisshield can be used in a variety of multipurpose kilns including both intermittent kilns and continuous kilns. Continuously fed kilns such as tunnel kilns will produce an average of 8 -10% in energy savings with the use of Emisshield, while coated intermittent kilns can reach energy savings of up to 15%. These impressive energy savings are a result of Emisshield’s ability to enable a kiln to achieve operating temperature 25% faster. Other benefits include product load improvements, production increases and reduced maintenance costs. By coating your kilns with Emisshield you will extend the life of the substrate which will reduce your overall maintenance costs and down time for hefty repairs.

Kilns Case Studies +

Tunnel Kiln

Kilns Application Information Emisshield was applied to the walls, crown and burner blocks in the 50 meter soak zone only. The total length of the kiln was 162 meters. This kiln has a capacity of 50 million bricks per year....

Afterburner of Batch Kiln

Kilns Application Information The kiln's cycle is 48 hours. In these 48 hours, 25% of total fuel usage is used by the afterburner to ramp-up and maintain the temperature of 1400°F (760°C). The customer wanted to see a decrease in...


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