Iron & Steel

Iron & Steel Coating Technology

Emisshield’s solution-based, energy enhancing coatings are being put to the test every day, all around the world. Through the experience of our Emisshield Installers, Emisshield Products are able to be used in many different applications to help increase production, the life of the unit and the overall efficiency of processes throughout the Iron & Steel Industry. Furnaces can be retrofitted in the field by applying the Emisshield coating to existing refractories and metals.

Coating Applications:

  1. Reheat Furnaces
  2. Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF)
  3. Annealing Furnaces – Continuous/Batch/Bell/Top Hat
  4. Crucible Furnaces
  5. Ladle Preheaters
  6. DRI Plants
  7. Radiant Tubes
  8. Roller Bars
  9. And More…

The high temperature environments found in the Iron & Steel Industry provide numerous applications for Emisshield. Emisshield Coating Systems allow these industrial processes to maximize their throughput while decreasing their fuel consumption. Emisshield Certified Installers can apply our technology in the field on existing refractories or metals during scheduled operational shutdowns with proper surface preparation and inspection. When Emisshield® is applied to the hot face of an industrial units lining, radiant and convective energy from the burners and hot gases are absorbed at the surface of the coating and re-radiated evenly throughout the unit, creating a uniform temperature distribution.

Emisshield Benefits:

  1. Uniform Temperature Distribution
  2. Substrates Run Cooler
  3. Reduced Downtime
  4. Optimize Energy Efficiency
  5. Increase production
  6. Increase life of the substrate

In addition, Emisshield Inc. works with manufacturers and suppliers of many different components in your processes. These manufacturers and suppliers understand the importance of Emisshield and bringing value-added products to their customers.

Iron & Steel Case Studies +

Emisshield Coated Aluminum Furnace

Aluminum Swarf Melting Furnace Application Information Emisshield was applied to a new ceramic fiber lined Swarf Door before the door was put into service. The customer was experiencing direct flame impingement on the Swarf door causing the door to be...

Walking Beam Furnace

Iron & Steel Application Information Emisshield® was applied to the top heat zone down slightly below the billet line. This total area of refractory was approximately 2000ft2 (186m2). The customer's goal was to improve energy efficiency of the furnace. Emisshield® Benefits:...

Electric Arc Furnace Roof (Precious Metal Recovery)

Application Information Emisshield® was applied to the roof of the furnace in order to improve substrate life and reduce hot spots. Under normal conditions, the roof on this Electric Arc Furnace starts to "heave" and cracking appears on the outer...


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