Hydrocarbon & Chemical

Hydrocarbon & Chemical Refractory and Metal Coatings

Emisshield and its Strategic Partners have years of experience working with your processes. With this experience we are able to analyze your specific situation, provide a solution-based coating technology and apply it with professional precision. Our high emissivity refractory and metal coatings for the Hydrocarbon and Chemical Industry are reducing downtime, minimizing coking, increasing productivity and reducing plants overall carbon footprint by providing a uniform temperature distribution and a higher heat transfer. These qualities are vital in order to keep processes running efficiently. Through our advanced knowledge and experience with high emissivity materials and the work of our strategic partners, we tailor our technology and applications to best fit your units design for maximum benefits. Emisshield Coatings are designed to strongly adhere to refractories and metals at high operational temperatures.


  1. Fired Heaters
  2. Primary and Secondary Reformers
  3. Cracker Furnaces
  4. Sulfur Recovery Units (SRU)
  5. Waste Incinerators
  6. Thermal Oxidation Units
  7. Burners
  8. Flares

Emisshield Products can be applied in the field during operational shutdowns on existing refractories and metals. Our Partners abilities to retrofit these processes makes it ideal for plants interested in minimizing shutdowns and maximizing efficiency.

Emisshield Benefits:

  1. Improved Heat Transfer
  2. Increased Run Time
  3. Reduced Coking
  4. Uniform Temperature Distribution
  5. Reduced Fuel Usage
  6. Higher Feed Rate Potential
  7. Reduced Carbon Emissions
  8. Reduce Devitrification of Ceramic Fiber 

High temperature process furnaces are used in a variety of industrial processes. A key to process efficiency and throughput is efficient heat transfer from flames to the process material or process tubes. For gas-fired furnaces, normal furnace refractories tend to reflect a majority of arriving energy back into the furnace flue gas at the same spectral wavelength at which it is emitted from the flue gas. This energy is then again absorbed by the flue gas, limiting the amount of energy transferred to the process (tubes or materials). Emisshield Coatings on furnace walls absorb more of the incident radiant energy and reemit this energy across the wavelength spectrum, including emission through transparent windows in the spectrum. This spectral redistribution of emitted energy allows more radiant energy to pass through the flue gas and be transferred to the process surface.

Introducing our Sustainability line of products for this industry is just one way we are continuing to lead the High Emissivity Revolution. The technology in these products focus on reducing Carbon Emissions and your organizations overall carbon footprint.

Hydrocarbon & Chemical Case Studies +

Terrace Wall Ammonia Reformer

Hydrocarbon and Chemical Application Information Emisshield® was applied to the ceramic fiber modules to protect them from shrinking, extend their service temperature and reduce downtime while also upgrading the performance of this unit due to its age. Emisshield® Benefits Decrease...

Ethylene Furnace

Hydrocarbon and Chemical Application Information: Emisshield® Products, two different types, were applied to the ethylene crackers IFB and Ceramic Fiber Modules. The customer wanted to evaluate Emisshield's impact on energy savings only with the associated production increase. No process tubes...

Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM)

 Hydrocarbon and Chemical Processing Application Information: Emisshield Products were applied to Incoloy process tubes, the hard refractory sidewalls and ceramic fiber roof Emisshield® Benefits: Energy Savings of 5% Production Increase of 6% Reduced coking - doubled time between decoking cycles...


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