Emisshield products have been applied in over 150 glass plants world-wide. These applications are proving to be an incredible opportunity for glass manufacturers to increase their energy efficiency, reduced downtime and increase their overall production. Our Products can be applied in the field by professional Emisshield Installers with minimal downtime.

Emisshield Applications:

  • Container Glass
  • Float Glass
  • E-Glass
  • Technical Glass
  • Glass Beads
  • Art Glass

Emisshield Benefits:

  • Increase the life of refractories
  • 5-15% energy savings
  • Reduce maintenance and downtime
  • Increase put through rate
  • Reduce carbon emissions

Emisshield has also developed a Sustainability line of Products that focus on reducing the amount of Carbon Emissions per unit produced. With our continual R&D department, we are leading the High Emissivity Revolution and allowing our customers to benefit from this Space Certified Technology.

Glass Case Studies +

Emisshield Coated Crown

Glass Application Information Wool fiberglass application at temperatures approaching 1600°C+ (2,900°F), with chrome alumina materials in the crown and superstructure. Emisshield® Benefits Simple Application Energy savings at 5% with no deterioration for 36+mos. Uniformed temperature distribution Protection of refractory Thermal shock...


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