Ethanol Coating Solutions

Emisshield’s solution-based, performance enhancing coatings are being put to the test every day, all around the world. Through the experience and craftsmanship of Chase Nedrow, Emisshield’s exclusive installer for the ethanol industry, Emisshield Products are able to be used in many different applications for ethanol producers. Originally designed by NASA, HECs can be applied in the field and adhere to ceramic refractories and metals.

Coating Applications:

  1. Thermal Oxidizers
  2. Dryer Systems
  3. Boiler Systems
  4. Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers
  5. Process Tubes
  6. Ceramic Fiber
  7. And More…

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The high temperature and abrasive environments found in the Ethanol Industry provide numerous applications for Emisshield. Emisshield Coating Systems allow these industrial processes to maximize the working life of their insulative linings by enhancing their thermal efficiency and reradiating capabilities. Chase Nedrow can apply Emisshield in the field on existing refractories or metals during scheduled operational shutdowns with proper surface preparation and inspection. When Emisshield is applied to the hot face of an industrial units lining, radiant and convective energy from the burners and hot gases are absorbed at the surface of the coating and re-radiated evenly throughout the unit, creating a uniform temperature distribution.

Emisshield Benefits:

  1. Increase Ceramic Fiber Abrasion Resistance
  2. Reduce Maintenance and Hot Spots
  3. Reduce Carbon Emissions and Overall Carbon Footprint
  4. Increase Process Efficiency

Emisshield and Chase Nedrow Partnership:

Since 2015, Chase Nedrow has brought innovative and space certified coating technology to their customers by becoming the leading Strategic Partner and exclusive installer in the Ethanol Industry.

Ethanol Case Studies +

Ceramic Fiber Testing

APPLICATION INFORMATION  Thrid Party Test Data: Testing by Harbison Walker Refractories Company  Questions to be answered:  Does Emisshield® prevent or slow down the shrinkage of ceramic fiber?  Does Emisshield® raise the continuous duty temperature limit of ceramic fiber?  Does Emisshield® lower...


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