Batch units like Crematories are subject to thermal shock, extended heat up times and increased fuel usage. Cremkote is a line of high emissivity materials design by Emisshield specifically for maximizing your cremation unit’s potential. A thin layer of Cremkote will reduce fuel usage and cremation cycles on average by 20-30%, leading to a quick return on your investment. Knowing your time is important, the application of Cremkote can be applied quickly with minimal downtime. With fast heat up and cool down times you will be able to increase your burn rate as well.

Crematories/Cremkote Case Studies +

Cremkote Coated Crematory

Crematories/Cremkote Application Information CREMKOTE® was applied on the crown and walls of the main chamber as well as the walls of the afterburner chamber. The walls are made of refractory brick. No coating was applied to the hearth. Emisshield® Benefits:...


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