How Emisshield Enhances Iron & Steel Manufacturing

27th March 2024

For manufacturers within the iron and steel industry, ceramic fiber serves as the backbone of numerous manufacturing processes. From swarf doors to furnace roofs and beyond, these critical linings warrant the performance enhancements and protection offered by High Emissivity Coatings (HECs).

At the same time, the extreme temperatures of these manufacturing processes require HECs with reliable bonding strength. That’s why at Emisshield, we raised the bar for ceramic fiber adhesion through cutting-edge products like our ST 17.2.

By integrating advanced wetting and penetration  components, our HECs permanently bond to ceramic fiber while alleviating the risk of failure or deterioration. Originally developed as the heat shield for NASA’s X-33 and X-34 missions, our HECs are made to endure even the harshest conditions.

After a streamlined installation process, our HECs raise the default 0.4 emissivity of ceramic fiber to 0.9, speeding up the heating and cooling processes. These efficiency improvements are accompanied by an added layer of protection, empowering manufacturers to maximize uptime for years to come.

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The Emisshield Team

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