How Emisshield Elevates Flare Performance

17th June 2024

Flares and other fired equipment undergo some of the most extreme conditions to maximize combustion. The consistently high surface temperatures and direct heat input result in thermal damage that necessitates costly equipment replacements.

To reduce thermal degradation, our High Emissivity Coatings (HECs) at Emisshield re-radiate heat away from the metal substrate. This decreases equipment temperature for significantly longer structural integrity and use.

When a variety of flare equipment was coated by DESERT WORLD COMPANY (DWC), our HECs successfully extended operational lifespans of flares to reduce downtime of oil and gas wells to replace damaged flares.

With thermal stability up to 1,700°C, adhesion bonding strength over 5,000 PSI, and emissivity up to 0.95, our NASA-designed HECs deliver proven performance in the world’s harshest operating environments. This significantly improves the bottom line for any user of the HECs.

For thermal images, technical capabilities, and more, we invite you to read our brochure through the link below.


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