Emisshield’s HECs Surpass Competitors with Superior Performance

6th February 2024

At Emisshield, we develop our High Emissivity Coatings (HECs) with the pinnacle of efficiency in mind, namely, a blackbody.

While our competitors feature an emissivity of 0.8 to 0.9 at high operating temperatures, only a small number perform as gray bodies. We have researched, developed, and refined our Products to achieve the highest possible emissivity on the market today while also acting as a gray body.

With our coating Products demonstrating true emissivities in excess of 0.95 verified by extensive third-party testing, Emisshield has continually redefined the gold standard for HECs starting in 1999 when our President, CEO, and Founder Dr. John Olver licensed the patent to our coatings from NASA’s work on the X-3-3 and X-34 spacecraft.

Since then, we have worked diligently to expand on the initial NASA R&D. After three additional years of research, Emisshield went far beyond the pre-established 900°C temperature limits and continues to push that limit today to above 1700°C sustained.

Through these advancements, Emisshield was inducted, along with NASA, into the Space Technology Hall of Fame in 2021. You can learn more through the link below:

Emisshield Induction into the 2021 Space Technology Hall of Fame


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