Hemispherical Emissivity Results

28th February 2018

As we expand the abilities of the Emisshield technology, we continue to push the boundaries of High Emissivity materials. When comparing the thermal performance and Total Hemispherical Emissivity value of coated vs uncoated 304 Stainless Steel using ASTM C-835-06, Standard Test Method for Total Hemispherical Emissivity of Surfaces up to 1200°C, significant results were observed.

Third party testing completed by Thermophysical Properties Research Laboratory Inc. followed the ASTM procedures and the data below shows a positive correlation between temperature and the high emissivity value of Emisshield’s coating. An emissivity of one, is a perfect blackbody; meaning it emits all the energy it absorbs. The tested Emisshield metal product sample recorded an Emissivity of 0.981 and the Emisshield refractory product recorded an Emissivity of 0.963 which would classify these as “perfect grey body” materials because their performance does not change with temperature or wavelength. When comparing this to the uncoated 304 Stainless Steel sample, the Emissivity value at its peak is 0.54 and then falls significantly between 850°C (1560°F) and 975°C (1785°F) to an Emissivity value of 0.46.

Looking at these results in a field application we can expect many benefits by increasing the thermal performance of any process. Increasing the Emissivity value at the surface decreases the amount of radiant heat penetrating the substrate which allows for the substrate to run cooler.  Furthermore, a more even distribution of heat and better heat transfer altogether will optimize energy efficiency and, in some cases, increase the processes production rate.

With these results we will continue to expand the application possibilities of Emisshield to benefit our customers and industrial processes in the Petrochemical, Iron & Steel and Glass Industries. For more information about these test results, application possibilities or a better understanding of our technology, please contact us or any of our knowledgeable partners.


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