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The Superior Adhesion and Bonding Strength of Emisshield High Emissivity Coatings

12th January 2024

Emisshield’s Adhesion & Bonding Strength

Our Emisshield High Emissivity Coatings (HECs) are rigorously tested for durability and resilience under the most extreme conditions.

With testing up to 90 megapascals (MPa), some of our HECs withstand some of the highest pressures with uncompromising performance. This includes high-pressure testing from 50 to 90 MPa for composite materials, moderate pressure testing from 10 to 50 MPa for paints, and low-pressure testing up to 10 MPa for paints.

Meanwhile, our high emissivity materials offer the best bonding and adhesion strength in the market across a broad pressure and temperature range. In turn, NASA was able to shift from reaction cured glass coated heatshields that showed some degradation during reentry to our HECs which remained intact while resisting damage and reradiating heat away.

The success of our HECs is due in large part to an ongoing 30+-year R&D effort by NASA and then Emisshield of approximately $25 – $30M invested. Through the combined effort of our nation’s top experts in emissivty, adhesion, particle science and fitness for use, we’ve streamlined and scaled the production process while challenging the status quo for high emissivty and adhesion strength.

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The Emisshield Team

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