Emisshield’s Performance Begins at the Quantum Level

20th February 2024

Although our Emisshield High Emissivity Coatings (HECs) are applied as seamlessly as paint, a closer look reveals a much more advanced composition with significant performance benefits at the quantum level.

By exploring the suitability of a metallic ceramic coating as a heat shield, NASA’s X-33 research paved the way for our nanostructured material. Today, we continue the same spirit of innovation by modifying particle sizes in our HECs for specific applications through our Technical Review Committee. With a wide distribution of particle sizes, these HECs feature the ideal packing structure for heightened emissivity, heat re-radiation, and combustion.

As an example, imagine filling a container with volleyballs, marbles, peas, and grains of sand. Under an electron microscope, our HECs would have a similar appearance. Whether applied to ceramic fibers, metals, refractories, or beyond, the particles settle into a densely packed structure.

Since the early 20th century emergence of Quantum Theory, which proposed that energy comes in packets, the real-world benefits of nanoparticle knowledge have grown immensely. At Emisshield, we’re proud to continue innovating as we usher in a new era of cutting-edge industrial applications.

Warm regards,

The Emisshield Team

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