Emisshield’s Extreme Corrosion Resistance

29th January 2024

Through extensive sulfuric acid tests on stainless steel, our Emisshield high-temperature sintered refractory coating systems demonstrate extreme corrosion resistance.

Over the course of a month, 98% sulfuric acid with an approximate 0.3 pH value caused significant corrosion and dissolution of unprotected stainless steel. The long-term degradation of these materials leads to personnel-intensive maintenance, costly downtime, and expensive replacements.

That’s why industrial partners dependent on chemical processes trust our metal and refractory coatings to increase the longevity of their unit process materials of construction.

After a full month in sulfuric acid, the Emisshield coated, sintered stainless steel remained in pristine condition with no measurable corrosion. With this extreme testing in mind, our partners can take full confidence in the effectiveness of our coatings when exposed to even the most intense production processes and atmospheres.


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