Emisshield Retrofitting Coating Advancements

4th April 2018

From the inception of High Emissivity Materials, NASA scientists understood the importance of this innovation and the need for continual research and development in the field of material science. As our High Emissivity Technology grew, we held onto these core values which has led to over 40 products, 17 patents or patents pending and cutting-edge advancements using our retrofitting coating in several industries worldwide. Our ongoing R&D Department continues to push the boundaries of this technology and its applications; working with our partners and clients on 10 or more projects at any given time.

Leading these advancements is Emisshield’s Chief Scientist Dr. John G. Dillard, a graduate of Kansas State University, USA having received his Ph.D. in Chemistry. His research areas of interest include surface chemistry and adhesion science. Current research projects are focused on the adhesive bonding of polymeric materials, metals and electronic materials. Research accomplishments in the field of adhesion have resulted in an understanding of the role of surface treatment on bond failure in the durability studies of adhesively bonded polymer-polymer, polymer-metal, and metal-metal systems. Advances to improve durability have included surface treatments involving gaseous plasmas, plasma polymerization, and plasma spraying.

Within the industries we enhance, one undeniable aspect is that change is inevitable. From brand new, more advanced substrates to developments in state of the art industrial process designs, industries will always be looking for new innovative ways to increase efficiency. To assist this, Emisshield will use its technical and experienced staff to design retrofitting, high emissivity solutions that stand up against the harsh abrasive and corrosive industrial environments while increasing heat transfer and energy efficiency. Emisshield has over $40 million invested into its technology and it plans to continue these developments and remain the leader in the High Emissivity Revolution!

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