Emisshield Partners with Duraloy

14th September 2017

Emisshield is proud to announce our partnership with Duraloy Technologies. After several successful Emisshield applications performed with Duraloy in the hydrocarbon and chemical processing and metal production industries, both parties are now working together to provide their customers with select parts that are pre-coated with Emisshield. Duraloy understands the importance of an industry leading, high emissivity technology like Emisshield. Through this partnership, Duraloy, a world leader in the production of specialty castings and assemblies, and Emisshield, a solution based technology, will provide the hydrocarbon and chemical processing and metal production industries with revolutionizing products.

In hydrocarbon and chemical processing, Emisshield can be used to coat process tubes of high temperature furnaces. Emisshield is applied to the process tubes and refractory walls, a combination that generates uniform temperature distribution and an increase in energy savings while increasing production and lowering emissions.
For metal production, applications include reheat furnaces, bell annealing furnaces, walking beam furnaces, electric arc furnaces, and others. The increase in combustion allows for a quicker heat up and cool down in an intermittent furnace, which saves manufacturers time and money. These are only some of the applications where Emisshield has proven to be effective.

For more information in regards to our partnership with Duraloy or any questions about Emisshield’s coatings in general please contact us at info@emisshield.com or visit duraloytechnologies.com to learn more.



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