Electric Arc Furnace Advancements by Melter and Emisshield

2nd February 2018

After ample research and numerous hands on trials in the Iron and Steel Industry, Emisshield found extreme benefits in applying our high emissivity coating to different components of an Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) due to its immense energy consumption. In the current set up of an EAF a slag layer naturally builds up on the water-cooled panels which reduces the amount of energy loss in the cooling fluid running through the panel, while also providing some protection against the harsh conditions inside the furnace. However, as we looked deeper into this inefficiency we proved that Emisshield can further decrease this energy loss.

To expand our advancements in coating this process we partnered with Melter S.A. headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico who specializes in the design and manufacturing of EAF Components and customized solutions for the Iron & Steel Industry.

Since this partnership Melter has taken the Emisshield technology and created its own product line of pre-coated EAF Components called MINT. Typically, water inside a pressurized panel has a change in temperature between 42 and 46oF (6-8°C) which allows the panel to remain cool enough to operate safely, but it also means that there is wasted energy going into the water because the heat is not used to melt metal. MINT roof panels with high emissivity coating show a change in temperature from 34 and 38oF (1-3°C), a 18.5% reduction in temperature change which translates into energy savings depending on the oven and specific operation. The panels will also have a longer life thanks to the increase in dielectric capacity and the reduction of problems generated by thermal fatigue.

Melter MINT also provides this solution on other components such as:

  • Dry deltas
  • Cold deltas
  • Fourth hole elbows
  • Chilled ducts
  • Electrode holder arms

It’s great examples like this that push Emisshield and its partners to continue to expand the boundaries of our technology and lead the High Emissivity Revolution! To learn more about these applications contact us or visit Melter’s website.



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