Cremkote: Coating Technology in Cremation Process

14th May 2018

How is Emisshield effecting the Cremation Industry? Looking into the trends of the death industry, cremation is growing in popularity as funeral costs and population sizes increase. The current cremation process introduces excess fuel usage, increased cycle times and thermal stress on the furnace lining. Emisshield sought out to develop a line of products called Cremkote® that combat these issues and assist this industry in a huge way. Since Cremkote® reduces the amount of heat being absorbed by the refractory lining, coated IFB linings behave more like low thermal mass linings. More heat is available to discard the load rather than heating the furnace lining or being lost out the flues. In addition to the obvious energy saving, the reduction of absorbed energy by the furnace lining allows faster heat-ups and quicker temperature recovery when cold loads are inserted into the cremation unit. This will shorten cycle time, increase cremation capacity and improve productivity. When Cremkote® is applied to the crematory lining, the walls and crown become more efficient heat radiators. This improves the uniformity of radiant heating and the efficiency of the cremation process. The most important benefit of using Cremkote® in cremation units is fuel savings. Cremkote® users routinely report fuel savings from 20% to 30%, depending upon how the furnaces are designed and operated. The harder a furnace is pushed, the greater the fuel savings and the faster the payback will be.

Cremkote Benefits:

  • 20%-30% Energy Savings
  • 20% Production Increase
  • 15% CO2 reduction
  • Double Refractory Life
  • Highly Minimize Thermal Shock
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • And More…

As Cremkote® continues to penetrate the cremation industry, operators are extremely happy with its ability to extend the period between relining their units. By extending this time, operators are lowering their yearly maintenance savings, extending their production time and minimizing the time it takes to get a return on their investment. Cremkote® is a Space Certified Technology that can be applied in a few hours which allows for operators to retrofit their units in a short amount of time with incredible results.



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