Combustion Efficiency for Biomass

12th March 2024

The biomass industry is rapidly gaining prominence in the global marketplace as we transition towards more sustainable energy sources. Emisshield, with its groundbreaking technology, has emerged as a leader in this pivotal shift, delivering remarkable improvements in combustion efficiency, air emissions, and overall operational performance. 

Drawing upon a rich legacy of research and development, including a substantial $30 million investment and affiliation with NASA, Emisshield has pioneered a technology set to transform the biomass industry, making it an even more vital component of the global energy landscape.

A case study conducted in Mora, Sweden, at a biomass combustion district heating plant owned by E.ON Sverige AB, showcases the significant impact of Emisshield’s coating technology. The plant, constructed in 1997, was designed to burn biomass efficiently, and the application of Emisshield coatings has led to a series of compelling results that underscore the transformative potential of Emisshield’s technology. The case study highlights the following benefits of Emisshield’s technology: 

Key Highlights from the Case Study:

  • Enhanced Combustion Efficiency: The plant witnessed a significant 10% increase in production efficiency, along with a reduction in fuel load and fuel economy savings ranging from 10 to 12%. These figures represent a leap in operational performance and translate to significant cost savings and environmental benefits.
  • Reduced Air Emissions: Emisshield’s coatings have led to a substantial reduction in harmful air emissions, including a 20-25% decrease in NOx levels, a 40-50% reduction in CO, and a calculated 10% decrease in CO2 emissions, aiding users in minimizing their carbon footprint.
  • Operational Improvements: Beyond combustion efficiency and emissions, the technology has contributed to reduced slagging, flyash generation, and overall maintenance requirements. The increased life of refractory and metal components, coupled with reduced maintenance needs, underscores the durability and cost-effectiveness of Emisshield’s solution.

A Leap Forward for the Biomass Industry:

The case study illustrates the broad spectrum of benefits that Emisshield’s technology, rooted in NASA research, brings to the biomass industry. The improvements in combustion efficiency, air emissions, and operational performance are not just incremental; they represent a paradigm shift in how biomass facilities can operate more sustainably, efficiently, and economically.

As the biomass industry continues to evolve, the adoption of Emisshield’s high emissivity coatings, expertly installed and serviced by our strategic partners, Chase Nedrow Industries, stands as a beacon of innovation and sustainability. The potential impact of this technology is vast, promising not only to revolutionize the biomass industry but also to contribute significantly to reduced carbon intensity.

Warm regards,

The Emisshield Team

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