Case History

 Hydrocarbon and Chemical Processing

Application Information: Emisshield Products were applied to Incoloy process tubes, the hard refractory sidewalls and ceramic fiber roof

Emisshield® Benefits:

  • Energy Savings of 5%
  • Production Increase of 6%
  • Reduced coking – doubled time between decoking cycles
  • Coke was powdery and much easier to remove than typical coke
  • Improved cracking reaction / conversion
  • Improved thermal response of furnace
  • Reduced air emissions
  • Decreased thermal stress and oxidation on process tubes
  • Significant reduction in outside furnace skin temperature


Furnace Information

Furnace Type: EDC Cracking Furnace
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Substrate: 15 year old Aged Fire Brick and Incoloy Process Tubes
Operating Temp: 1400 – 1450°F (760 – 788°C)
Background: Furnace temperature is controlled by furnace exit temperature. Customer was looking for overall thermal improvements in the unit.





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