Case History

Hydrocarbon and Chemical

Application Information
Emisshield® was applied to the ceramic fiber modules to protect them from shrinking, extend their service temperature and reduce downtime while also upgrading the performance of this unit due to its age.

Emisshield® Benefits

  • Decrease in CF shrinkage – after eight months of service, the modules showed no sign of shrinkage and were not ablated
  • More uniform heating
  • Significant reduction in the exterior shell temperature which provided a safer working environment
  • Undisclosed improvement in the over 30-year-old unit’s yield was noted


Furnace Information

Furnace Type: 1970s – Foster-Wheeler twin cell terrace wall reformer
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Substrate: 2600°F Ceramic Fiber Modules
Operating Temp: 1800 °F – 1900°F (982 °C – 1038°C)


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