Case History

Hydrocarbon and Chemical

Application Information:
Emisshield® Products, two different types, were applied to the ethylene crackers IFB and Ceramic Fiber Modules. The customer wanted to evaluate Emisshield’s impact on energy savings only with the associated production increase. No process tubes were coated. Production increases cannot be released due to confidential information. Other work performed with the installation of the Emisshield® Products included some new ceramic fiber modules in some areas of the firebox along with some process tubes and new low NOx burners.

Reported Emisshield® Benefits:

  • Fuel Savings of 12%
  • Estimated annual savings – $1.5 MM with ROI of 3 months
  • Shrinkage reduction on the Ceramic Fiber to less than 1% versus normal shrinkage of 5 to 7%
  • Downtime reduced by 2-3X
  • Exterior temperature of unit reduced by more than 150°F (65°C)


Furnace Information

Furnace Type: Ethylene Cracker
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Substrate: IFB and Ceramic Fiber Modules
Operating Temp: 2100 °F (1149°C)


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