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After proper surface preparation, Emisshield is applied to the flare tips before they are installed onto the flare and put in service. Emisshield can be used to retrofit existing or coat new flares by simple spray techniques using a water based material.

Emisshield® Benefits

  • Adds 2X or more life expectancy to the flares
  • Reduce replacement cycle costs
  • Reduces thermal shock on the flare metallurgy
  • lowers surface temperature by absorbing heat and reradiating heat to the atmosphere
  • Our Products exhibit high emissivity specifications for application on flares with an Emissivity over 0.9 when compared to the theoretical Black Body emissivity of 1.0
  • High adhesion characteristics (over 5,000psi)


Coated Flare Tip                                                  Uncoated Flare Tip


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