Case History

Power Generation

Application Information:

The stainless steel burner tips were grit blasted then sprayed with an Emisshield® Product designed to sinter; providing the technology the burner needs to withstand such high temperatures.

Emisshield® Benefits:
Using optical pyrometers, employees discovered the Emisshield® coated tips had a surface temperature of only 150°C (300°F). When taken out of service, the coated burner tips appeared cleaner, had less coke formation and less breaks in the welds. Emisshield® prolonged the life of the burner tips by more than 3x, saving the customer money by not having to bring the unit down as often to be cleaned and/or replaced.

Coated Burners 

Uncoated Burners

Furnace Information:

Burner Type: Stainless Steel low-NOx Burner Tips
Substrate: Stainless Steel
Operating Temp: 2003°F (1095°C)
Background: The Stainless Steel burner tips are installed in a coal fired power plant. The uncoated burner tips fail after 6 months and must be replaced.

(US Patent 7,105,047, and Other Patents Pending) ©2009 Emisshield, Incorporated


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