Case History

Power Generation

Application Information:

After the surface of the castable refractory and metal process tubes inside the biomass boiler were prepared, a thin layer of Emisshield was applied.

Emisshield® Benefits:

  • More than 10% increase in output (Steam)
  • Fuel change to least expensive fuel resulted in reduced operating costs
  • Reduced NOx air emissions by more than 20%
  • Reduced CO air emissions by 40%-50%
  • Reduced CO2 air emissions by 10%
  • Particulate – reduced 20+%
  • Significant reduction in fly ash generation thus reduced haulage costs
  • Reduced maintenance, down time, soot formation and refractory slagging

Furnace Information:

Furnace Type: Biomass Boiler
Fuel Type: Woodchips and Bark
Substrate: Aged Castable, Fire Brick and Boiler Tubes
Operating Temp: 850 – 1100°C (1562 – 2012°F)

(US Patents 6,921,431, 7,105,047, and Other Patents Pending), ©2009 Emisshield, Incorporated


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