Case History

Power Generation

Application Information:

After proper surface preparation of the refractory and carbon steel, Emisshield® was applied to help increase the performance of the water wall boiler.

Emisshield® Benefits:

  • Ability to lower excess air to boiler
  • Lower boiler shell temperature
  • Improvement in boiler efficiency in the range of 4% to 5%.
  • Increased Performance (higher steam output)


Furnace Information:

Boiler Type: Water Wall
Boiler Capacity: 46 MMBTU / hour
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Substrate: Castable Refractory / Carbon Steel Tubes


Burner Wall, Boiler #2 – uncoated                                    Burner Wall, Boiler #1 with Emisshield


Burner Wall before application                                                  Target Wall and Tubes with Emisshield                                Burner Wall with Emisshield


(US Patents 6,921,431, 7,105,047, and Other Patents Pending), ©2010 Emisshield, Incorporated)


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