Case History

Aluminum Swarf Melting Furnace

Application Information

Emisshield was applied to a new ceramic fiber lined Swarf Door before the door was put into service. The customer was experiencing direct flame impingement on the Swarf door causing the door to be replaced every 3-4 weeks. The customer was looking to increase the life of the door by applying the Emisshield coating to the ceramic fiber.

Emisshield® Benefits

By applying Emisshield to the ceramic fiber of the Swarf Door, the plant was able to extend the life of the door to ten weeks of production, an increase of about 3X. According to the plant, this will save about $150,000 per year per door for material and labor costs.

Furnace Information:

Furnace Type:              Swarf Melting Furnace

Fuel Type:                     Natural Gas

Substrate:                      Ceramic Fiber (20’L X 7’H)

Operating Temp:         1800°F (1000°C)

Background:                 The main purpose of the Swarf Melting furnace is to melt scalper chips and light gauge aluminum for re-purposing.

Uncoated Swarf Door after 3 weeks in operation:























Emisshield Coated Swarf Door before put into service:


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