Case History


Thrid Party Test Data: Testing by Harbison Walker Refractories Company 

Questions to be answered: 

  1. Does Emisshield® prevent or slow down the shrinkage of ceramic fiber? 
  2. Does Emisshield® raise the continuous duty temperature limit of ceramic fiber? 
  3. Does Emisshield® lower the cold face surface temperature during heat up with a load in the furnace because it is reradiating heat to the furnace? 

Test Results 

Ceramic fiber coated with Emisshield® retains its size and shape significantly better and shows an increased temperature limit of 150°C. Coated ceramic fiber also had a much lower cold face temperature. Using Emisshield® on ceramic fiber extends the life of the refractory thus decreasing down time and maintenance and increases its ability to withstand higher temperatures. 

Test Design

Six tests were run for one month using various types of ceramic fiber with different temperature ratings, temperatures and time periods. Twelve thermocouples montiored hot face and cold face, furnace and load temperatures. In each case, the Emisshield®-coated modules showed shrinkage less than 1%. The shrinkage of the uncoated modules ranged from 2-5%. Cold face temperatures remianed lower on the coated fiber by about 6-10°C. 




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