Case History

Application Information 

Fuel Type: Natural Gas 

Location: Texas 

Date: March 2010 

Customer: AMF Automation 

Application: Commercial Baking Oven 

Substrate: Carbon Steel Panels 

Background Information:

The carbon steel panels were grit blasted and heat treated to ~ 540°C to pre-treat the carbon steel. Emisshield was applied and sintered to the panels at 816°C for 30 minutes. The Emisshield coated panels were then shipped to the commercial bakery located in Texas where they were installed. 

Emisshield® Benefits:

  • Visually noticeable caramelization only 16% into the bake cycle 
  • Reduced baking time by 20% with a production increase 5% 
  • More consistent product height 
  • 27% greater energy efficiency 
  • Excess air was reduced by 2.7 times 

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