Case History


Application Information
The kiln’s cycle is 48 hours. In these 48 hours, 25% of total fuel usage is used by the afterburner to ramp-up and maintain the temperature of 1400°F (760°C). The customer wanted to see a decrease in fuel use and shorter ramp-up time to reach 1400°F (760°C). Emisshield was applied to all of the insulating firebrick in the unit.

Emisshield® Benefits

  • The natural gas burners are controlled by thermocouples that hang in the afterburner.
  • The burners are normally kept open at a rate setting of 35%. In the three months after the application, the burners were open to between 25% – 29%.
  • Energy savings of 23% in the afterburner chamber for the entire year based upon the fuel flow for each setting.
  • Payback in less than three months

By reradiating energy back into the afterburner chamber, the amount of fuel needed to keep the afterburner at 1400°F (760°C) was reduced. This 23% fuel savings was estimated as a savings of $360,000 per year

Furnace Information

Furnace Type: Afterburner of a batch kiln
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Substrate: Insulating Firebrick
Operating Temp: 1440 °F (782°C)


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