Building a Sustainable Future

28th June 2018

Emisshield is proud to support and recognize the need for sustainable measures around the world. Emisshield recently launched a Sustainability Product line and has had great success in its efforts to help reduce the carbon footprint by 15% in the future globally. With increased production comes great energy savings which assists in the reduction of the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere. Since Emisshield launched their Sustainability Product line we have successfully coated many plants, two plants specifically a sugarcane plant and a Biomass plant. The Emisshield Sustainability Products have been used to assist sugarcane and biomass industries in their effort to reduce their energy and CO2 output.


For example, a major Emisshield sustainability coating success was at a sugar cane plant in Florida. Emisshield’s certified installers coated the hot face of the refractory and tube walls in multiple bagasse boilers. Bagasse boilers are designed to use bagasse, which is left over cane stocks, as a biomass fuel to assist in the production of energy. The outcome of coating this process was the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) average compliance test was 60% better from 0.423lbs. to 0.139lbs. per MMBTU’s, Particulate Matter emissions were 40% better, from 0.1136lbs to 0.077lbs. per MMBTU’S, and the amount of biomass needed to produce the rated steam capacity of the boiler was significantly reduced. In terms of maintenance, the coated water wall sections of the boiler did not have any sign of abrasion, corrosion or slag formation. This project was a great sustainable achievement for the sugar cane plant.


Another Emisshield Sustainability success is the Mora Biomass Plant. The boilers walls were coated which allowed for a faster furnace startup while reducing energy usage. Additionally, in the stationary operation phase it affected the heat flux to the drying zone by 10% and it redistributed the temperature field.


Emisshield and their world-wide partners take pride in their ability to assist industrial industries like these to reduce their air emissions by applying this space certified technology to their process. Emisshield looks forward to continuing these applications and assisting other industries with similar issues. For more information on how Emisshield can reduce energy usage and air emissions in your process, visit our sustainability page.


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